Reopening of a sales office in Basque Country

Reopening of a sales office in Basque Country

TAD has recently reopened a sales office in the Basque Country. An office that for history and business capacity deserves to be operational again, after several years closed for business strategy and staff readjustment.

The new office, based in the town of Leioa (Bilbao suburbs), aims to facilitate the direct and personalized contact with our customers, in addition to cover our production needs in North Spain.

Our goal, an essential part of TAD philosophy, is to make public on first-hand our technology, developped in our Barcelona headquarters, for the customized manufacturing of systems and vibratory bowl feeders.

For that purpose, we increase our sales capacity with qualified professionals and the permanent support of the headquarters staff, providing the added value of its extensive experience in the sector. In that way, we cover an area of great economic potential including, besides the Basque Country, Navarra and La Rioja. The commitment of TAD with its customers is always to satisfy their needs wherever it occurs.


Iker Sánchez Gorospe [email protected]

Cellular: +34 660 399 205

Paseo Landabarri, 1 Dep. 103, 3º, Despacho 1

48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)

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